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Remember Gulag: Learn History Virtually In This High RTP Slot


Looking for Remember Gulag slot review? Check this article out.

NoLimit City is a casino game developer known for innovative slots that cover unexpected topics. The Remember Gulag slot machine is based on Soviet prison camps and has features like expanding reels, splitting wild symbols, multipliers, and two free spin rounds. Barbed wire, Stalin, hammers and sickles, and a Russian bear all appear on up to 6 reels with a maximum of 614,656 ways to win.

It’s a high-volatility game with a 96.08 per cent average payback percentage and a potential maximum win of 30,000x your stake when you reach Oligarch Status. Play the Remember Gulag online slot on iOS, Android, or Windows mobile devices, or on desktop platforms at the best casinos.

Remember Gulag Slot Gameplay

Because the Nolimit City series contains slots set in asylums and vandalized toilets, it’s possible that a game themed around frigid Soviet prisons could only have originated from this creator. 

Load it onto your computer or mobile device, and you’ll be transported to a bleak world of grey symbols that include letters of the Russian alphabet, a saluting bear, spies, Soviet generals, and the infamous dictator Stalin. They appear on a 3-3-4-4-5-5 reel set, with the reels on the right side encircled by barbed wire.

A Russian narrator and their national anthem serve to establish the ambience, as do extra symbols such as the hammer and sickle and a Soviet star. It’s a political game with a message, but politics aside, it looks beautiful and has a lot of cool features.

The usual NoLimit City controls are used in this game, making it simple to set up on all platforms. On each spin, tap the ‘$’ symbol and choose from a bet range of 0.20 to 100.00. A Propaganda Bet option costs 20% more but unlocks reel 5 to aid in the formation of higher value combinations.

Remember Gulag is a sophisticated slot gacor malam ini game. Therefore before you play, read the paytable (accessed by clicking on the three small dots). This explains how the many bonus features function and how much each symbol pays when viewed on connected reels from the left, with the top-paying Stalin symbol paying up to 6x your wager when he lands across all 6 reels.

Remember Gulag Slot Features

One or two scatter symbols will activate reels 5 and 6, giving you the possibility to land 5 or 6 of a kind prizes. Remember Gulag slot game employs a number of tried-and-true NoLimit City elements, including Xways, xNudge Wilds, and xSplit Wilds.

xWays symbols can appear on reels 1 and 2, splitting to show two or three representations of a random symbol type. In the base games, xSplit Wild symbols can only appear on reels 5 and 6, splitting all symbols to the left or right.

xNudge Wilds are stacked wild symbols that can substitute for other symbols to complete wins. They can nudge up or down until fully in view, at which point a multiplier grows by 1x for each step taken, with multipliers from two or more xNudge Wilds combined.

The Gulag, All Aboard, or Double Vodka free spins rounds are triggered by three, four, or five scatter symbols, respectively. With all unlocked, the reels flip to a 5-5-4-4-3-3 layout, and you get a random high-value symbol enhanced with a multiplier in the Gulag spins, or all four in the All Aboard round. All multipliers are doubled if the Double Vodka free games are triggered.

In the Gulag games, a top reel of character symbols might randomly enhance multipliers by +1 or +2, or +2 and +4 in the Double Vodka round. Scatters award one more spin, while three scatters upgrade one of the two lesser features to the next level. To win the round, you must win 30,000x your bet in any feature.

Remember Gulag Slot Maximum Wins, RTP, & Volatility

At the maximum stake of 120.00, you can become an Oligarch and win a massive 3,600,000.00 from the Remember Gulag online slot. It’s a high volatility game, so expect significant swings in your bankroll as relatively long gaps are offset by high average rewards. The 96.08 per cent RTP  is adequate but not exceptional.

Final Words on the Remember Gulag Slot

NoLimit City has released yet another odd but entertaining game. Politics and online slots rarely mix, but it’s done with panache, and revenues from the first month of operation were donated to humanitarian help in Ukraine.

xNudge Wilds, xSplit Wilds, and xWays have all proven to be very popular inventions that can transform any spin into an exciting event. Free spins on a reversed reel set and all reels unlocked will make it easier to capture wins while raising multipliers will increase your bankroll significantly.

In conclusion, thank you for taking the time to read this Remember Gulag slot review. Good luck and bet wisely!



Iron Dog Studio’s newest Megaways Slot, 1 Million Megaways BC, is a prehistoric-themed slot with up to 1,058,841 paylines! The RTP of 1 Million Megaways BC is 96.2 per cent, and the game is quite volatile! Our 1 Million Megaways BC slot review discusses the game’s potential Mewagays and all of its features!


1 Million Megaways BC online slot machine, is a prehistoric-themed slot with up to 1,058,841 paylines! The RTP of 1 Million Megaways BC is 96.2 per cent, and the game is quite volatile! Our 1 Million Megaways BC slot review discusses the game’s potential Mewagays and all of its features!

Iron Dog Studio is a new studio that has just released its Megaways slot, 1 Million Megaways BC! There are 1 Million Megaways to win while spinning the reels, so the game lives up to its name! There is a slew of other Megaways slots to choose from, but 1 Million Megaways BC has captivated us!

The 1 Million Megaways BC slot game lets you play at your own pace, with stakes ranging from 20p to £50 each spin and a potential prize of 45,000x the bet!


When you play 1 Million Megaways BC, you’ll be transported to the prehistoric world, with Mr Caveman as the most valuable emblem.

The symbols on the reels are encased in ice cubes. Among the lower-paying symbols are an Irish deer, a tiger, a giant, a cavewoman, and a prehistoric man. When employed in a seven-symbol combination, the Caveman is the most profitable symbol, worth ten times the investment.

You can also land on the 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols, and if you do, your investment will be multiplied by two. The ice cube is a wild symbol that can be used to replace any other symbol, but the fire wild appears exclusively during free spins.


The RTP for 1 Million Megaways BC is 96.2 per cent, which indicates that the game has a high return-to-player percentage in the gaming business. With a victory rate of 28.04 per cent, this is a high-volatility game.

The potential prize of up to 45,000 times the investment in a single spin will excite players. The number of active Megaways can expand to 1,058,841 during the Free Spins special features, allowing for even bigger prizes!


1 Million Megaways BC has more sophisticated gameplay than most games. With each spin, the number of symbols in the base game varies, determining how many Megaways are active. The number of active Megaways might range from 64 to 117,649!


Up to 1,058,841 Megaways can be active in the game, resulting in a win that most players can only dream of! Because the amount of active Megaways varies with each spin, the stake can also vary if you like to mix it up frequently!


When you land on winning, the Tumbling Reels feature commences with a tumble. Winning combinations are ejected from the reels and replaced by new symbols.

A new reward computation is run now that the new combo is in place. Then the tumb continues. The tumbles will continue until there are no fresh winners or the Free Spins feature is triggered.


The game will start with a 1x multiplier. The more tumbling reel wins you get, the more multipliers you get. The maximum multiplier available is 8x.


The Free Spins bonus feature will be activated if you achieve at least four tumbling reel wins in a row. Depending on how many consecutive wins you have, you will receive a minimum of 8 extra spins and a maximum of 14 extra spins.

A more powerful gaming system is used for the extra spins cycle. A new Mammoth reel will be introduced in the game grid’s centre, which can carry up to 9 symbols.

With the full expansion, 1,058,841 winning combinations that 1 Million Megaways BC slot game boasts are possible!


During the free spins, the Sticky Wild also appears. They can appear anywhere on the grid, resulting in up to 9 Sticky Wild cards for each additional spin!


Instead of waiting for the free spins feature to expand your base game, you can buy them if you’re impatient. You have the option of purchasing 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 free spins, which will multiply your stake by a minimum of 50x and a maximum of 270x, depending on the number of free spins purchased!


1 Million Megaways is one of the most unique online slot games we’ve seen in a long time! Tumbling reels are one of our favourite slot extra features, and the maximum prize of 45,000x your total wager is surely something to look forward to!

All in all, thank you for reading this 1 Million Megaways slot review. Try more game at Agen Judi Togel Online Indonesia. Good luck and bet responsibly!

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Five Star Power Reels Review: RTP 96.06% (Red Tiger)


You must be looking for the Five Star Power Reels review as you want to boost the winnings. This slot is a brand-new casino game that Red Tiger has introduced. 

It features a brand-new gameplay element called Power Reels, which the game’s developer undoubtedly believes will surpass Megaways in popularity. The images and overall motif have a rather archaic appearance because they are based on traditional pub fruit iconography.

A Brief of Five Star Power Reels Review

Five Star Power Reels Review

Even though there are only 5 lines available and just 8×5 reels in play for Five Star Power Reels, they do pay both ways. The Repeat Spin and the Five Star Instant Win bonus are the game’s two main features, and that’s about it. 

The maximum payout each spin is 1,000 times your bet, while the maximum payout possible using the Repeat Spin option is 10,000 times your bet.

1. Betting and Winnings

As per normal, you get to choose the total wager for that round, which in this instance ranges from $0.10 to $10. A line bet is not mentioned in the game, and most Red Tiger slots don’t offer it either.

Because of the high volatility of the game, it can naturally pay out big as well, albeit for the majority of players, that won’t be the experience. At the highest bet, 10,000x rewards could be triggered, earning you $100,000. With the aid of Repeat Spin, as a typical winning spin can only pay up to 1,000 times.

The RTP for this particular slot machine is 96.06%, a respectable figure that indicates that it is not much different from the majority of casino games of this sort.

2. Slot Features

As soon as you notice that there are only 5 active lines on this slot machine’s 8×5 reels, you realize that this is not your typical slot machine. Even though it doesn’t pay frequently, you may expect to receive substantial payments whenever you hit a winning combination, especially since the Repeat Spin option is available.

Although Repeat Spin is a random function, it is not guaranteed that it will activate subsequent winning combinations for you. The winning round is repeated when it is triggered, giving you a second win of the same amount. 

The payout of a spin is increased by up to 10x owing to the Repeat Spin because this can occur up to 10 times in a row.

Three to five randomly spread game logos can also appear, which might result in a good payout and possibly a Repeat Spin. When that occurs, they pay 25x to 1,000x total stake, and with the aid of Repeat Spin, the payment can be increased up to 10,000x.

3. Design and Theme

There is nothing particularly intriguing about this theme. You get a slot machine with a fruit theme that uses the same antiquated icons that we’ve seen countless times before. 

We don’t like this combo because the design style is fairly low quality and gives the slot machine a 90s gaming appearance while offering modern features. These images of watermelons, grapes, oranges, plums, lemons, and cherries are all logos. Together with judi slot online jackpot terbesar opportunities can be achieved.

Final Words

In conclusion of Five Star Power Reels review, it is a slot machine that offers an unique approach to playing this genre of game. It boasts a high level of volatility and eye-catching jackpots that can reach 10,000 times the total bet. Additionally, the slot’s outmoded design detracts from the player’s ability to fully appreciate the action.

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Dragons and Magic Slot Review: RTP 96.01% (Stakelogic)


You must be searching for the Dragons and Magic slot review. This game is a new fantasy slot from Stakelogic that features excellent graphics, as well as just the right amount of dark magic and battle-scarred lands. 

It’s not the happiest-looking game slot gacor around, with fire-breathing dragons as main characters and plenty of wizards and magic on the reels, but that doesn’t fill the game’s action, only its appearance.

Best of Dragons and Magic Slot Review

You start with 5×3 reels and 243 ways to win, but you can increase that to 7,776 ways at times. Dragons and Magic is a high-volatility game that can pay out up to 5,000 times the stake while maintaining a 96.01% RTP. 

We are happy to report that it has both regular and multiplier wilds, as well as several random features and free spins with expanding reels.

Dragons and Magic Slot Review

1. Wagering Options

For Dragons and Magic, a typical betting range is $0.20 to $100. The Super Stake option, which doubles the amount spent and expands the range to $0.40 to $200, is also available.

The game has the potential to pay out up to 5,000 times the stake, but it will also keep things risky. You can win a lot of money, especially with wild multipliers of up to 10x in a game with a lot of ways to win, but due to the game’s volatility, it won’t happen very often. Its RTP of 96.01% was satisfactory in my opinion.

2. Game Features

Based on your luck, one of two types of wild symbols may appear and assist you. One is the regular Dragon Eye wild, which can only be used as a replacement. The other also provides a multiplier of up to 10x. 

There’s also a chance you’ll get multiple multiplier wilds to help you out, in which case their values will be added together for a bigger payout. If you get wilds on all five reels, you can form a winning combination that pays out 20 times your stake.

There are two random bonuses that can trigger when the Super Stake option is enabled, and they have a 3.1 percent chance of doing so. 

A Dragon Fireball, which transforms random symbols into a single other type, or a Mystical Dragon Eye, which delivers wild symbols, are both available.

The free spins feature, which is triggered by 3 to 5 Dragon Egg scatters, offers 10 to 50 rounds. Expanding reels can be found in the middle columns, giving you up to 7,776 ways to win. A colored Dragon Egg must appear on one of the middle reels to cause a reel to expand.

3. Design and Theme

Dragons and magic go together well, and it’s not uncommon to see a slot machine with this combination. Although the game’s design isn’t particularly cheerful, and the background depicts a land destroyed by dragon fire, we enjoyed it nonetheless.

There are mostly relevant symbols as symbols, with the exception of the W wild, which, despite its appearance, looks like a Dragon Eye. The Dragon Egg is a scatter, while regulars will receive wizards, dragons, a rabbit’s foot, rings, and four different colored bottles. Luck playing only in bandar togel.

Final Results

In the end of Dragons and Magic slot review, we believe that this game has what it takes to provide a fun gaming experience with high volatility, a good feature set, and big payouts.

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Gems Infinity Reels Review: RTP 96.26% (Yggdrasil)


Of course, we know that you are curious about the slot deposit pulsa or Gems Infinity Reels review. The most recent slot machine from ReelPlay to use their trademarked mechanic is this game, but there are many others available as well, so you have a few options in this category. 

Yggdrasil casinos will be able to play this game. They chose a fantasy setting with female warriors as the main characters as their chosen theme.

Best of Gems Infinity Reels Review

The Infinity Reels system is used, as well as two sets of 4×3 reels that are stacked one on top of the other. Unlocking additional sets of reels is a possibility. 

Stacks of Princess Wilds, multipliers, scatters, and free spins are just a few of the appealing features. In the end, you can win up to 2,267x your stake in a single round, and that’s on a slot with a high volatility and an RTP of 96.26%.

1. Betting and Winnings

All budget sizes seem to be adjusted by ReelPlay’s betting range. The minimum and maximum bets are $0.25 and $100, respectively.

Even though the volatility appears to be high, I’m not entirely satisfied with the way the mpo slot terbaru pays out, as its top jackpot maxes out at 2,267x the stake. However, the RTP appears to be in good size, at 96.26%.

2. Game Features

The Infinity Reels system has been well received by players, and the concept of a game area that expands and adds more reels is appealing. You play with two sets of reels instead of one, and you can even go up to four sets at times. 


Each set of reels has its own Princess, as well as a stone or color that corresponds to her. Briefly, only the Ruby and Sapphire reels are available, but during the free spins, the Emerald and Spinel sets can be unlocked.

Additional reels are added to the right side of the game area as you form winning combos of four symbols. The symbol multiplier increases by 1x at the same time. The multiplier can go as high as you want it to, but there is a limit to how much you can win.

The Princess wilds, which are stacked symbols that can cover entire reels, are also worth noting. These are multiplier wilds, which means that when they appear, your wins will be doubled. The symbol multiplier value will be increased by 1x if you have a wild land.

Free Spins

Finally, you want to be able to get your hands on the free spins. This will be done for you if you land three scatter symbols, which will award you with five free spins. 

You may also collect additional scatters along the way. If you get an extra 5, the third set of reels will unlock, and you will be awarded 5 more rounds. Collect 15 scatters to unlock the 4th set, which includes another 5 spins.

Unity Bonus

When all sets of reels are active in the free spins, you can win the Unity Bonus, which is worth 888 times your stake. To do so, you’ll need all four types of Princess Wilds to be fully visible.

3. Design and Theme

Gems: Infinity Reels slot has a fantasy styled design that works well for it, with a huge crystal cave as a backdrop. The pictures of the four stacked Princess Wilds, as well as several corresponding symbols of the same color but lower value, are expertly crafted symbols. 

The Ruby (regular and stacked princess, Ruby stoneblade,), Sapphire (regular and stacked Princess, Sapphire, Necklace), Emerald (stacked and regular, Emerald, Arrows), and Spinel (stacked and regular, Emerald, Arrows) will be available (regular and stacked princess, spinel stone, necklace).

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of Gems Infinity Reels review, the Judi Slot Gacor Terbaru game is an innovative offering, it falls short of providing us with enough to keep the action exciting. 

The big top prizes that you’d expect don’t appear to be present, the volatility is high, and unlocking additional sets of reels can be challenging. Still, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, there’s no harm in trying it out.

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Labyrinth of Knosos Review: RTP 96.45% (Yggdrasil)


In this Labyrinth of Knosos review,  you will understand how to get big wins from it. This game is a slot machine designed by DreamTech that is available through Yggdrasil. It is based on Ancient Greek legends. 

The title alludes to a labyrinth that was said to be the home of the Minotaur, a mythical creature killed by Theseus in Greek mythology. It’s something that sounds a lot more interesting than the typical Ancient Greece story, and we think most players will appreciate how well-designed the game is.

Summary of Labyrinth of Knosos Review

Labyrinth of Knosos Review

Labyrinth of Knossos: MultiJump features 243 ways to win across 5×3 reels, with the potential to win up to $280,740. In a game with high volatility but a 96.45% RTP, it’s a potentially life-changing payout. This game offers stacked wilds, Bonus symbols, free spins, and MultiJump multipliers, among other things.

1. Betting and Rewards

For the wagers you place in the Labyrinth of Knossos, you only need 20 coins. You can bet as little as $0.20 per spin and as much as $60 per spin ($3 coins) if you can afford it.

According to the developer, there is a limit to how much money one can win by playing this slot machine. It’s $280,740, which equates to a 4,679x stake return on your investment.

Finally, we’re looking at a game with a high level of volatility, so there’s some risk involved in playing it. That doesn’t make it an unjust option; it’s just a risky one, with a long-term Return to Player of 96.45%.

2. Game Features

DreamTech introduces the MultiJump mechanic, which is so exciting that it’s even mentioned in the game’s title. Even though it’s not particularly unique, I have to agree with them that it’s a cool mechanic to see in action.

It entails the use of multipliers, which will appear as symbols. If they do, and those symbols appear in combos, the multipliers will boost those wins. When multiple multipliers are present, their values are multiplied, resulting in a larger boost. 2x, 3x, or 5x multipliers are all possibilities.

During paid spins, this mechanic is random, but it is guaranteed for all symbols in the free spins. Back to the regular features, the stacked wilds are one of them. These substitutes only appear in the middle columns (2-4), and they help to create new combinations by filling in for missing symbols.

The Bonus scatters are the ones who will help you get into the free spins. In order to receive 12 to 20 free spins, you’ll need anywhere from 3 to 5 of these symbols. 

In this mode, the MultiJump Multipliers are guaranteed for all regular and wild symbols, as previously stated. There’s a chance you’ll be able to retrigger the feature if more scatters appear.

3. Theme and Design

In the Labyrinth of Knossos, the story of Theseus and the Minotar is told. The game is one of many modern options available to you, and it is very well designed, with cartoon-style graphics that look modern and highly detailed. It does the story justice and is very appealing, in my opinion.

The stacked wild in the game is Theseus, along with a Bonus Ship, while regular symbols include Ariadne, Minotaur, Sword, Shield, and the Royals (9 to A).

Our Conclusion

In conclusion of Labyrinth of Knosos review, the game appears to be a slot machine with a lot to offer, and the fact that all wins are guaranteed multipliers makes the free spins feature even more exciting. But there were a lot of other things we liked about it, from the graphics quality to the RTP. Through togel hari ini there will be a big chance to win.

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Neptunes Fortune Megaways Review: RTP 96.3% (iSoftBet)


Are you searching for the Neptunes Fortune Megaways review? This game, one of iSoftBet’s newest slots, shakes things up a bit, so it’s not quite the same as you’re used to. 

It’s not particularly original, and while the graphics are appealing, there are better ocean-themed games to choose from.

Summary of Neptunes Fortune Megaways Review

Neptune’s Fortune Megaways, which was created with experienced players in mind, can award payouts of up to 9,710x the stake, but it comes with a high level of volatility. It does, however, keep the RTP at a respectable level, with a figure of 96.03% announced. 

It’s a 6-reel slot machine, as you’d expect, but each one only has 3 to 6 symbols, resulting in a smaller number of Megaways, up to 46,656. The cascading reels, Treasure Chests with multipliers, bonus game, and free spins are all going to be major features.

1. Betting Range

The smallest bet accepted to spin the 6 reels of Neptune’s Fortune Megaways is $0.20. On the other hand, a maximum bet of $20 is available.

Regular combinations, which can pay up to 40x on each line, will be enhanced by the Treasure Chest multipliers, which can add up to give payouts of up to 20x at best. When you consider the numerous ways to win, the slot’s top jackpot of 9,710x appears to be quite low.

However, the game performs admirably, and the high volatility is not unbalanced, as the 96.03% RTP indicates.

2. Game Features

The slot has six reels, each of which can have anywhere from three to six symbols on it. Because the number of symbols on each reel is determined at random, the setup can have anywhere from 729 to 46,656 Megaways. 

If you get three or more matching symbols from left to right to form a winning combination, a cascade will start. Winning symbols are removed, and new ones are added in their place. If there are more combinations, the cascades continue.

The wild symbol, the one that shows you the pearl, will play a significant role. While this is typically only used as a substitute, its look has a secondary effect.

The Treasure Chest shown at the top of the screen may open up, revealing a multiplier of up to 5x on the reels that become wild (possible on reels 1, 2, 5 and 6). 

Instead, the larger Treasure Chest, which can be found at the top of reels 3 and 4, will open to reveal a bonus game. The multipliers are combined, which could result in a 20x multiplier.

Neptune’s Bonus is the feature that the third chest activates. You make your selections here, and if you find three that match, you win prizes. The best possible prize is 1,000 times the stake.

You can win 10 to 15 free spins with the help of Trident scatter symbols, which must appear on 4 to 6 reels at the same time. What sets these apart is that the free spins feature only high-value symbols, making it much easier to form profitable combinations.

3. Theme and Design

The Fortune of Neptune Megaways features both treasures and Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. The design isn’t particularly complex, but it appealed to me for some reason. 

It has a retro vibe to it, and it reminds me of Jules Verne’s novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Of course, this has nothing to do with that book. It makes heavy use of dark blue colors, but it works out beautifully. At the top, there are five treasure chests visible.

The game would have been much better if Royals were not used as low-value icons (10 to A), as they tend to occupy the majority of the positions. 

Neptune, Kraken, Turtles, Shells, and Starfish are among the better-looking symbols, which include a Trident scatter, a Pearl Wild, and high-value positions with Neptune, Turtles, Shells, Kraken, and Starfish.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion of our Neptunes Fortune Megaways review, the game offers a unique gaming experience, and we particularly enjoyed the game’s design. Try another game at daftar togel site.

Although the number of possible ways to win varies, you’re guaranteed at least three symbols per reel, while others offer two or more, so we’d say it all balances out. 

What we didn’t enjoy as much was the difficulty in getting to the main features, as both the free spins and the bonus game only appear once every 300 or so paid spins.

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Lady of Robinhood Review: RTP 95.92% (Bally)


Are you looking for the Lady of Robinhood review? This game will follow the classic story of a hero who steals from the wealthy and gives to the poor, but with a twist that you can probably guess. 

In this case, the hero is a woman rather than a man, and while it’s not a completely unique perspective, it’s a refreshing approach that you don’t see very often. But there’s more to this Bally slot than just pretty graphics, so let’s get started.

Summary of Lady of Robinhood Review

Lady of Robinhood is a 5×4 reel slot machine with a total of 40 active lines for each of its rounds. The game is considered a low-volatility option, with a long-term RTP of only 95.92%, which is slightly lower than the industry average at the moment. 

You’ll find wilds and scatters, as well as the Bullseye Bonus with free spins, though the top payout doesn’t appear to exceed 100x total stake per spin ($250,000 is the game’s maximum).

1. Wagering Range

Simply select the amount per spin that you want to wager, and it will always cover all 40 lines. As a result, the minimum wager is $0.40, ensuring that every line gets at least $0.01. At the other end of the game’s range is a bet of $500, with each line gaining $12.50.

As a low-volatility game, it’s not made to pay out a lot of money; instead, the idea is that it will pay out frequently and won’t be a very risky choice. However, with top jackpots of only 100x, or up to $50,000 per spin, it’s about as low as a game can get, so it’s not intriguing enough to play unless you’re just looking to have fun. 

The game’s cap is set at $250,000, but we assume that this applies to the entire free spins feature because winning combinations can’t go that high in terms of payouts.

Lady of Robinhood is a low volatility slot machine with a 95.92% RTP. It’s not particularly exciting, and it’s best suited to casual players.

2. Game Features

The wild symbol will appear in the game, but it will not appear on reel 1, so it will not be able to form its own combos. It’s only used as a replacement symbol for regular combos.

The Bullseye Bonus is triggered when three Scatters occur. Then you play 10 free spins while consuming 3 arrows.

Before every round, the arrows are fired at random. To win more arrows, collect more Target symbols. These arrows will either fill meters to make certain reels completely wild, or they will directly give you a random wild reel if they hit the target.

3. Theme and Design

It’s a theme that takes a well-known story and twists it into something new by making the main character a woman. The game does a good job of introducing the player into the story with well-designed graphics and action that transports us to Sherwood Forest. 

The feature symbols include logos and heraldry, while the regular symbols include Lady Robinhood, Arrows, Daggers, Coins, Beer, and the top 5 Royals (10 to A).

Final Results

In conclusion of our bandar slot terpercaya Lady of Robinhood review, it’s mainly a game for players who want to have a good time because it doesn’t have a lot of winning possibilities, but it’s also not very volatile, so there are benefits and drawbacks to that strategy.

Find other interesting information and complete online game reviews only at MajesticStar.

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Volcano Queen Diamond Spins Review (IGT, RTP 96.13%)


You must be searching for the Volcano Queen Diamond Spins review. This game has a fantasy/medieval feel to it, with a touch of mysticism thrown in for good measure, especially when looking at the symbols. 

It should appeal to fans of IGT slots because it features a pretty redhead as the queen, as well as progressive jackpots and a high RTP.

Best of Volcano Queen Diamond Spins Review

Volcano Queen Diamond Spins Review

Volcano Queen’s game area is made up of 5×3 reels. This new slot game will have ten active lines, and you can win up to 250x your total stake ($75,000) on them, as well as access to a feature that will deliver the Diamond Spins progressive jackpots (Grand, Major, Minor variants). 

There are also stacked symbols, giant symbols, and re-spins, making for a unique combination of features. It’s a slot with a 96.12% RTP.

1. Betting and Winnings

When placing bets, it appears that 20 coins are required for a game area with 10 active lines. Each round can cost anywhere from $0.20 to $300, with coin denominations ranging from $0.20 to $15.

Expect relatively high payouts, especially from the game’s regular combinations, which pay out no more than 250 times your total stake. Only $75,000 is paid out when the wagers are set to the maximum value.

It’s a medium-high volatility slot with a 96.12% return to player. Because the Diamond Spins Grand Prize is in the five-figure range, the progressive jackpots are more likely to be worthwhile.

2. Game Features

The Respin will be the main feature of Volcano Queen. It will use stacked symbols and transform them into giant symbols, keeping the action going and triggering additional rounds. 

To activate the feature, you must have 3+ adjacent reels filled with these matching symbols. While the new giant symbol is locked in place, the other reels respin for free.

The multiplier applied to the wins delivered through the respin will be between 2x and 5x. The feature will continue if a new matching symbol drops on one of the respining reels. With the Queen filling the reels and a 5x multiplier applied to the round’s wins, this is the time to get the most out of the slot gacor.

The game also includes wilds, who have their own logo set against an erupting volcano. These symbols are used as substitutes, and they help the player win more money in the long run. Because they only appear on the last four reels, they can’t form winning combos on their own.

The Diamond Spins Bonus is a random feature, but it’s a valuable one because it gives you a chance to win one of three progressive jackpots. The Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpots are the three options.

In exchange for 6+ scattered Gold & Pink Jewelry symbols, you will receive 10 free spins.

3. Design and Theme

The theme of this slot may not make much sense, but it certainly looks good, with volcano-inspired graphics and a beautiful woman posing as the so-called Volcano Queen. 

The background is actually the best part, with the symbols on the reels mostly looking like decorations and jewelry, so there’s nothing too exciting there. It gets even worse when you get to the low-value icons, which have all of the standard Royals in gold.

Final Thoughts

In the end of this Volcano Queen Diamond Spins review, the game appears to have a low volatility, resulting in good progressive jackpots but low regular payouts, so it’s not for everyone.

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Lucky Nuggets Megaways Review: RTP 95.50, High Volatile


In this Lucky Nuggets Megaways review, you will understand how the slot works. In this game, an online slot from software developer Blueprint Gaming, go underground for a chance to collect valuable goods. 

Players will be joined by a friendly gold miner who will collect gold or diamond prize symbols and may gain a multiplier boost during free spins. If that sounds a little like an underground Big Bass Bonanza, we’re on the same page, and the idea will undoubtedly delight some players while putting others to sleep.

A Brief of Lucky Nuggets Megaways Review

If you’ve ever enjoyed a mining slot before, and there are dozens to select from, there’s a good chance you have, Lucky Nuggets Megaways will feel like at home. Blueprint hasn’t done much with the motif, preferring to keep things simple and straightforward. 

There’s no animation trip down a shaft like iSoftBet’s Gold Digger Megaways, and the mining character isn’t very likable. 

Even Blueprint’s prior Diamond Mine slots had more life than Lucky Nuggets, which didn’t inspire any prospecting enthusiasm. A 6-reel grid with up to five symbols per reel sits in a mine surrounded by lanterns, gold, and rock – pretty normal.

Return to Player and Volatility

According to the Lucky Nuggets Megaways review, the game is a medium/high volatile slot machine that can be played on any device and accepts bets ranging from 10p to £/€10 per spin. 

The game ties regular winnings together when identical symbols land on neighboring reels, starting from the leftmost side of the game grid, with a return value of 95.5%. 

Each spin has a varied number of ways to win because the number of symbols on the reels can vary, with the maximum being 15,625.

Paying Symbols

To form a winning combination, at least two of the most valuable symbols are required, while the rest of the pay symbols require three or more. The top premium symbol is a gold cart, which pays 200x the wager for a six-of-a-kind win, while the helmet, lantern, and tools symbols pay 50-100x the stake. 

The lower value card ranks 10-A are worth 2.5-5 times the wager, but any combination of 6 nugget or diamond money symbols pays 10x the stake. The wild symbol in Lucky Nuggets is a joyful Prospector, but he doesn’t debut until the bonus round, where he also plays a key part; let’s have a look.

Gameplay (Features)

Landing three, four, five, or six scatter symbols awards 10, 15, 20, or 25 free spins in the Lucky Nuggets Megaways review. This is when the Prospector Scatter symbol, which can replace any regular pay symbol, comes into play. 

When the Prospector appears in front of the player at the same time as gold or diamond money symbols, he collects them for the player. The value of the money symbol ranges from 2x to 2,000x the stake. Furthermore, everytime the Prospector lands, he is recorded on a meter above the reels.

There’s more to come. The Prospector may also randomly activate two more modifications. The Prospector holds all in-view money symbols and respins the reels in the Gold Rush. 

Another respin occurs if at least one new money symbol lands. When Big Blast Bonanza is activated, the Prospector tosses dynamite onto the reels, changing random symbols into money symbols.

Final Words

You don’t need us to inform you how many spaces are available in the mining category. This genre, like a vein of ore, is bursting at the seams with possibilities. In some ways, this is good because it gives keyboard miners a lot of options, but the uniformity of these games might get old after a while. 

Perhaps not in terms of gameplay, but they frequently share the same graphics, use the same symbols, and feature the same grizzled prospector. 

Is it simply a case of developers giving players exactly what they want? Probably, but there’s a strong case to be made that if you’ve seen one, you’ve also seen all of situs slot gacor Lucky Nuggets Megaways review.

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