The notion of design as “manifesto” – allowing the designer to operate with, against and ultimately for a given condition – was viewed with greatest esteem and considered an essential contribution by a young team to the Holcim Awards competition, and ultimately to the advancement […]

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Public Space : Fights and Fictions

An editorial collaboration by The Funambulist & New South On May 19-21 2016, the Akademie der Künste in Berlin hosted a 36-hour long conference entitled “Public Space: Fights and Fictions: a 36-hour Factory of Thought,” dedicated the politics of public space, organized in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut. The numerous keynote lectures, […]

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Université des Sciences et Technologies Houari Boumedienne competition Site : Algiers, Algeria Mandataire : B.E.N.C. Date : 2016

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First prize winner // Jacques Rougerie Competition 2013. Team : Meriem Chabani, Etienne Chobaux, John Edom, Maeva Leneveu. Location : Greenland The Arctic Harvester proposes an itinerant soil-less agricultural infrastructure designed to drift the circulating ocean currents between Greenland and Canada, exploiting the nutrient-rich fresh water […]



Larissis Workshop, Athens, Greece, 2013. Teachers : Marc Armengaud, Steven Melemis. Group : Louise Claeys, Maeva Leneveu, Cécile Sonon. How to build in a time of economical crisis ? When the usual forms of power and authority have failed, it is time to envision a new […]

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School project 2012 Teacher : Marc Armengaud Il s’agit ici de concevoir le projet contemporain comme une archéologie du réel, un conservatoire spatial face à la crise des identités. Les projets souterrains ont souvent été associés à la conservation et à l’archive. Ce sont des […]

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Hangzhou Workshop, 2011 Teachers : Wang Shu, Bruno Hubert, Grégoire Bignier. Group : Maeva Leneveu, Claire Duchamp. Our approach consists on redefining an intermediate scale between the grand scale of the infrastructures and the small scale of the habitations. We select a canal as an example […]

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«  What keeps the sane man from delirium or hallucination is not its critic, but the structure of his space… » M.Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of perception. School project 2011 Teacher : Jean Pierre Vallier. Having to design a research centre for cognitive sciences, I oriented my […]

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