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2011, Architecture, Urban Planning

«  What keeps the sane man from delirium or hallucination is not its critic, but the structure of his space… » M.Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of perception.

1 copySchool project 2011
Teacher : Jean Pierre Vallier.

Having to design a research centre for cognitive sciences, I oriented my work towards mental pathologies. After observation of Louis Wain’s cat drawings, whose dementia slowly altered his way of representing that single subject, I formulated a problematic around the potential for « insane » perceptions to inform us on our « sane » space.

la table 2

To that end, I based myself on an objective space, as a perceptive reference, that will be transformed through the prism of different mental illnesses. From this point on, it is about formulating an architectural project reconciling these multiple distorted perceptions of reality. The resulting research centre would have a double use : a discovery path open to the public as well as a fundamental research building deeply influenced by its own subjects.

Insanity generated spaces2Insanity generated spaces



  1. I am currently working on my final year project thesis which deals with mental pathologies (dementia) and how insane perception of space can be used as a design tool. If you have any resources that you could share, it would be great!

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