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2013, Architecture, Urban Planning, workshop

Larissis Workshop, Athens, Greece, 2013.

Teachers : Marc Armengaud, Steven Melemis.
Group : Louise Claeys, Maeva Leneveu, Cécile Sonon.

How to build in a time of economical crisis ? When the usual forms of power and authority have failed, it is time to envision a new strategy. We do so by taking place in the vacant space left by the state, and which is currently being filled in by the neo nazi group Golden Dawn. In a city where private ownership overpowers the state, we offer to topple down the hierachy : Top down is over, it’s time for Bottom Up !

Larissis pres 33 Larissis pres 34 Larissis pres 35

The Plato Network is the result of a collective use of individual initiatives. It collects the needs and demands of the neighborhood, before redistributing them to its registered professionals.

Larissis pres 36

We identify a need, those “leftover spaces”, either abandonned or misused, that stand frozen in this economical crisis.

Larissis pres 37 Larissis pres 39

Neo classicism gone stale

The challenge of rehabilitation

Larissis pres 310 Larissis pres 311 Larissis pres 312 Larissis pres 313

Forever construction site

When one plot, one project doesn’t fit anymore.
Larissis pres 314 Larissis pres 315 Larissis pres 316

Slowly rotting away

A vertical strategy to save the building.
Larissis pres 317 Larissis pres 318 Larissis pres 319 Leftover garden

Recombinating green spaces and parking lots to get a real urban quality.Larissis pres 320 Larissis pres 321 Larissis pres 322Larissis pres 323


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