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2011, Architecture, Urban Planning

Stitched Panorama

Hangzhou Workshop, 2011

Teachers : Wang Shu, Bruno Hubert, Grégoire Bignier.

Group : Maeva Leneveu, Claire Duchamp.

Our approach consists on redefining an intermediate scale between the grand scale of the infrastructures and the small scale of the habitations. We select a canal as an example of intervention, which may be reproduced on the overall site. By densifying the docksides, we create an intermediate scale which will facilitate ecological, economical and social exchanges.


maquette recadree


 We apply the concept of symbiocity through the implementation of three groups of actor: producer – consummer – decomposer.

Three projects take on those roles and share a common symbiotic element, the canal, which they will each take advantage of.

My project is located in the mouth of the canal, and sets up a system of water treatment that will serve the two following projects. The water system serves as a grid for a housing and public spaces program.


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