Home games Dragon Tiger Slot Demo: Features, Volatility & RTP

Dragon Tiger Slot Demo: Features, Volatility & RTP

Dragon Tiger Slot Demo: Features, Volatility & RTP

Dragon Tiger Slot Demo with an Asian theme from Pragmatic Play, finds the developer back on solid ground. Players will have a fair notion of what to expect from the game even before it loads thanks to the name. Two of the most venerated animals in Chinese mythology are tigers and dragons. They consequently rank among the most prevalent monsters in Asian-themed slots and have prominent roles in Dragon Tiger.

As soon as it appears on the screen, Dragon Tiger struggles to overcome a sterile feeling. The 5×4, 1,024 win way gaming area has fairly impressive tiger and dragon sculptures hanging over its sides, while the background shimmers as though the largest firecracker in history has just exploded.

Your ears are treated to a percussion-heavy Asian music that occasionally gets rather intense. Although they are typical for the theme, the audio and images are generally fairly good.

You may play Dragon Tiger Slot Demo on a mobile device, tablet, or computer, with bets ranging from 20 cents to £/€100 each spin. The Asian-inspired gaming has a 4.5/5 rating with a very volatile math model, though not as unpredictable as Pragmatic Play’s. To its credit, Dragon Tiger handled quite nicely while being tested.

Its bonus game occasionally produced strong wins and activated frequently enough to keep things interesting. However, that is using the version with a 96.50% RTP, so you should anticipate less benevolent performance from lower settings. Because the rest of the game is rather simple, Dragon Tiger would likely be completely avoided without the bonus spins.

The 1,024 different methods to win in Dragon Tiger Slot Demo are another aspect that works in its favor. Starting with the first reel, you win if three identical symbols land from left to right. The white tiger icon is one exception. A totally white tiger tail was considered to be a myth since it was reported to become white on its 500th birthday.

The white tiger, however, awards two of a kind wins. Turtles, frogs, bunnies, fish, and A-9 royals are among the additional symbols, which are listed from top to bottom. The values aren’t particularly high given the pay mechanism and free spins’ wild multiplier action.

Five-of-a-kind jackpots pay out between three and seven times the stake. Dragons occur as the wild symbol on the second, third, or fourth reel. Wilds help to create winning combos by substituting for all symbols other than the scatter.

Dragon Tiger Slot Demo: Features

Dragon Tiger Slot Demo

A triggered round of free spins is the only feature that Dragon Tiger offers, keeping things straightforward. The scatter, which may be found on all five reels, is the game’s logo. A payout of 2x, 10x, or 20x the bet is given for landing 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols, respectively, and you also get 8, 15, or 20 free spins.

The action picks up during free spins, mostly because of the wild change. The dragon wild only appears on the middle three reels like before. But now, if a wild symbol appears, it comes with a chance multiplier of x2, x3, or x5. The multiplier for the wild is added to the total when it contributes to a victory.

When multiple wilds are used to generate a win, the multipliers are increased to generate some impressive outcomes. The multiplier value currently in effect for each spin is indicated by a meter above the reels.

The music intensifies in the feature as well, with the percussion becoming even more intense. When two or more scatters appear, the number of free spins can be increased. If you’re lucky, you’ll get 2, 3, 4, or 5 scatters, which will multiply the remaining number of spins by 5, 8, 15, or 20.

This slot game can be played on slot online sites of course, like the slot88 site, you can register now and play this game!

Dragon Tiger Slot Demo: Verdict

With so many of these slots under their belt, Pragmatic Play’s Dragon Tiger Slot Demo seems like another average notch in the bedpost. A game that neither does anything incorrectly nor does anything particularly noteworthy. There isn’t much of a reason to give the game a second thought unless you’re a huge fan of Chinese slots. Dragon Tiger does offer a few highlights if, on the other hand, you enjoy simple games with lots of tigers, dragons, and zithers.

A bonus game is one of them, and it can bring everything together to provide some fantastic moments. Apparently out of nowhere. An excellent single spin win with lots of space to spare occurred during testing when many white tigers and a few multipliers all appeared at the same time.

Sure, nothing exceptional, but it did give us just enough of a jolt to wake us up. Prior to then, the lack of anything slightly novel or fascinating happening in the base game had caused glazy eyed drowsiness.

How frequently free spins will happen was another pleasant surprise. The bonus game in Dragon Tiger didn’t appear to be one you had to wait forever to trigger. This is advantageous because there are no other play-altering elements in the main game. It does imply that bonus games can also be quite hit or miss. Although Pragmatic Play hasn’t specified what Dragon Tiger’s maximum potential might be, decent winnings are still conceivable.

Dragon Tiger is undoubtedly a game more suited to Asian players, yet it turned out to be quite a straightforward and enjoyable game. Even while it’s obvious that Pragmatic Play’s product is geared at the Asian market, perhaps if the company had dared selected a different theme, it might have made more of an impression.

As it is, Dragon Tiger Slot Demo performs its basic function, and there are moments during free spins, but there isn’t much to draw players who aren’t particularly interested in Asian culture here.

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