Home games Guide: How to Reset Slotomania

Guide: How to Reset Slotomania

Guide: How to Reset Slotomania

Have you been playing Slotomania for a while and now find the need to start over? Given that Slotomania is one of the most popular slot games available across multiple platforms, it’s possible that you want to alter your gaming experience. In some instances, you may wish to reset the game back for different reasons. A reset can rid you of a losing streak, lower your level or change your stats to begin afresh.

Unfortunately, per the game’s design, you cannot officially ‘reset’ your Slotomania game as there is no available built-in function for it. However, while the option to start over is not directly provided, there are workarounds for altering your gaming path. Let’s see how to reset slotomania.

This article will guide you through the unnofficial steps to start over on Slotomania—although, remember to tread with caution and weigh the pros and cons of these steps carefully before proceeding.

How to Reset Slotomania?

In the absence of a reset button, the primary workaround for starting afresh is creating a new account. Ensure you have a new email address, as this address should be different from the one linked with your current Slotomania account. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create a new account. This is a start on how to reset slotomania:

Uninstall Slotomania: Start the process by uninstalling the Slotomania app from your device. This action will help to erase all your game data from the device.

Reinstall Slotomania: Once you have successfully uninstalled the app, visit your app store and reinstall the Slotomania game. This reinstalls a ‘clean’ version of the game on your device without your previous game data.

Create a New Account: On launching the game, you will be asked to login. Instead of logging in with your old account, opt for the ‘register’ or ‘sign up’ option. Use a different email address than the one you previously used, fill in the required details, and there you have it—a brand new account all set to start the Slotomania adventure anew. This is how to reset slotomania.

Points to Consider Before Account Reset

how to reset slotomania

While creating a new account might seem like the ideal workaround, it is crucial to bear in mind these points. So don’t just learn about how to reset slotomania, but also remember these.

Remember, creating a new account means you lose all your progress on the old account. This includes levels climbed, coins collected, and friends made in the game.

If you are connected to the old account via Facebook or any other social media, you might have to follow similar steps there too. Hence, disconnecting and re-connecting to social media platforms could be another cumbersome task.

Bear in mind that creating multiple accounts might be against Slotomania’s terms of service. Always consult their policies and terms of service before proceeding.

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In summary, Slotomania currently does not provide a game-reset function. However, creating a new account is a workaround. It gives you a clean slate, allowing for a fresh start. Before you make this switch, make sure you evaluate the repercussions and ensure it aligns with Slotomania’s guidelines. Happy gaming and try out this way on how to reset slotomania.