Home games <strong>Lady of Robinhood Review: RTP 95.92% (Bally)</strong>

Lady of Robinhood Review: RTP 95.92% (Bally)

<strong>Lady of Robinhood Review: RTP 95.92% (Bally)</strong>

Are you looking for the Lady of Robinhood review? This game will follow the classic story of a hero who steals from the wealthy and gives to the poor, but with a twist that you can probably guess. 

In this case, the hero is a woman rather than a man, and while it’s not a completely unique perspective, it’s a refreshing approach that you don’t see very often. But there’s more to this Bally slot than just pretty graphics, so let’s get started.

Summary of Lady of Robinhood Review

Lady of Robinhood is a 5×4 reel slot machine with a total of 40 active lines for each of its rounds. The game is considered a low-volatility option, with a long-term RTP of only 95.92%, which is slightly lower than the industry average at the moment. 

You’ll find wilds and scatters, as well as the Bullseye Bonus with free spins, though the top payout doesn’t appear to exceed 100x total stake per spin ($250,000 is the game’s maximum).

1. Wagering Range

Simply select the amount per spin that you want to wager, and it will always cover all 40 lines. As a result, the minimum wager is $0.40, ensuring that every line gets at least $0.01. At the other end of the game’s range is a bet of $500, with each line gaining $12.50.

As a low-volatility game, it’s not made to pay out a lot of money; instead, the idea is that it will pay out frequently and won’t be a very risky choice. However, with top jackpots of only 100x, or up to $50,000 per spin, it’s about as low as a game can get, so it’s not intriguing enough to play unless you’re just looking to have fun. 

The game’s cap is set at $250,000, but we assume that this applies to the entire free spins feature because winning combinations can’t go that high in terms of payouts.

Lady of Robinhood is a low volatility slot machine with a 95.92% RTP. It’s not particularly exciting, and it’s best suited to casual players.

2. Game Features

The wild symbol will appear in the game, but it will not appear on reel 1, so it will not be able to form its own combos. It’s only used as a replacement symbol for regular combos.

The Bullseye Bonus is triggered when three Scatters occur. Then you play 10 free spins while consuming 3 arrows.

Before every round, the arrows are fired at random. To win more arrows, collect more Target symbols. These arrows will either fill meters to make certain reels completely wild, or they will directly give you a random wild reel if they hit the target.

3. Theme and Design

It’s a theme that takes a well-known story and twists it into something new by making the main character a woman. The game does a good job of introducing the player into the story with well-designed graphics and action that transports us to Sherwood Forest. 

The feature symbols include logos and heraldry, while the regular symbols include Lady Robinhood, Arrows, Daggers, Coins, Beer, and the top 5 Royals (10 to A).

Final Results

In conclusion of our bandar slot terpercaya Lady of Robinhood review, it’s mainly a game for players who want to have a good time because it doesn’t have a lot of winning possibilities, but it’s also not very volatile, so there are benefits and drawbacks to that strategy.

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