Lectures & Workshops


(2016) France’s Territorialised Racism : The Banlieue Syndrom – Urban School Ruhr, at Agrocité

(2015) COP21 African Science Seminar – UNESCO

(2015) Building for Tchad : Earth Architectures – I-Dream Inclusive Development Research Association for Mankind

(2014) Quels Futurs pour l’Arctique ? – Laboratoire des technologies de demain, French senate and Jean Lecanuet institute



(2016) Cartographies of the post-colonial landscape – organized by Françoise Vergès and Villa Vassilief, at Betonsalon

(2015) New York lab for sunstainable construction – LafargeHolcim Foundation

(2013) Athens/Greece – Economical crisis and territories, under the direction of M. Armengaud and S.Melemis

(2011) Hangzhou/China – Urban strategy, under the direction of Wang Shu and Bruno J.Hubert


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