Home games Legendary Sumo Slot Review (RTP 96%) Endorphina

Legendary Sumo Slot Review (RTP 96%) Endorphina

Legendary Sumo Slot Review (RTP 96%) Endorphina
Source: Endorphina

Are you looking for the Legendary Sumo slot review? The concept of Endorphina‘s new slot title, Legendary Sumo, is based on sumo wrestling. 

Aside from the stunning look, the slot has a respectable RTP of 96%. It features 5 reels, 3 rows of symbols, and 21 ways to win. On the reels, there are also Scatters and Wilds, as well as Free Games and a Risk feature.

Best Legendary Sumo Slot Review

In this Legendary Sumo slot review, that slot game’s betting range is set from $0.10 and $210, but you are the only one who may establish your own limitations. You’ll need to get matching symbol combinations, just as in any other slot. 

A prize will be awarded if you land at least three symbols of any kind. However, if you obtain as many as five, you’ll be eligible for larger prizes. A sumo wrestler with a crimson background is the highest earning symbol in the game.

1. Slot Features

The Legendary Sumo slot has a wide variety of symbols on its reels. Several sumo wrestlers, as well as royal card emblems, are included in the mix. They have a variety of backgrounds and tattoos on their faces. So you have backdrops that are red, orange, purple, green, and blue.

When it comes to special symbols, there’s the Wild, which is represented by a red dragon mask. Traditionally, it acts as a stand-in for all other symbols on the reels. The Scatter is a golden trophy that also appears on the reels. Based on how many symbols you have in your combination, you will receive 10, 20, or 50 free games.

During the main event, the sumo wrestlers compete against each other, with the winners forming a team. Each fighter in the team receives a trophy, and players receive a 2x multiplier if they land in the same spot on the next spin. Kind of a great thing in Legendary Sumo slot review.

Additionally, a Risk or Gamble feature is offered. You can activate it once you’ve won the game. The dealer holds one face-up card and four face-down cards. It’s your task to choose a card that is better than the dealer’s. If it is, you will receive a 2x multiplier and be able to play again. Your winnings, on the other hand, will be lost.

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3. Design and Story

The design, as previously stated of Legendary Sumo slot review, is fantastic. The game’s background is a sumo wrestling ring, and the game has an energetic soundtrack that adds to the atmosphere. 

It’s also worth noting that the slot is compatible with mobile devices. The reels take up the most of the screen, while the player’s selections are shown below.

Final Conclusion

In the end of this Legendary Sumo slot review, it is a modern slot with a diverse set of features. Aside from the outstanding design and general ambience, it features a variety of symbols as well as Wilds and Scatters, which elevate the fundamental game to new heights. After a win, you can try your luck with the Gamble function. Overall, this Endorphina title is worth a few spins.

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