Home games <strong>Neptunes Fortune Megaways Review: RTP 96.3% (iSoftBet)</strong>

Neptunes Fortune Megaways Review: RTP 96.3% (iSoftBet)

<strong>Neptunes Fortune Megaways Review: RTP 96.3% (iSoftBet)</strong>

Are you searching for the Neptunes Fortune Megaways review? This game, one of iSoftBet’s newest slots, shakes things up a bit, so it’s not quite the same as you’re used to. 

It’s not particularly original, and while the graphics are appealing, there are better ocean-themed games to choose from.

Summary of Neptunes Fortune Megaways Review

Neptune’s Fortune Megaways, which was created with experienced players in mind, can award payouts of up to 9,710x the stake, but it comes with a high level of volatility. It does, however, keep the RTP at a respectable level, with a figure of 96.03% announced. 

It’s a 6-reel slot machine, as you’d expect, but each one only has 3 to 6 symbols, resulting in a smaller number of Megaways, up to 46,656. The cascading reels, Treasure Chests with multipliers, bonus game, and free spins are all going to be major features.

1. Betting Range

The smallest bet accepted to spin the 6 reels of Neptune’s Fortune Megaways is $0.20. On the other hand, a maximum bet of $20 is available.

Regular combinations, which can pay up to 40x on each line, will be enhanced by the Treasure Chest multipliers, which can add up to give payouts of up to 20x at best. When you consider the numerous ways to win, the slot’s top jackpot of 9,710x appears to be quite low.

However, the game performs admirably, and the high volatility is not unbalanced, as the 96.03% RTP indicates.

2. Game Features

The slot has six reels, each of which can have anywhere from three to six symbols on it. Because the number of symbols on each reel is determined at random, the setup can have anywhere from 729 to 46,656 Megaways. 

If you get three or more matching symbols from left to right to form a winning combination, a cascade will start. Winning symbols are removed, and new ones are added in their place. If there are more combinations, the cascades continue.

The wild symbol, the one that shows you the pearl, will play a significant role. While this is typically only used as a substitute, its look has a secondary effect.

The Treasure Chest shown at the top of the screen may open up, revealing a multiplier of up to 5x on the reels that become wild (possible on reels 1, 2, 5 and 6). 

Instead, the larger Treasure Chest, which can be found at the top of reels 3 and 4, will open to reveal a bonus game. The multipliers are combined, which could result in a 20x multiplier.

Neptune’s Bonus is the feature that the third chest activates. You make your selections here, and if you find three that match, you win prizes. The best possible prize is 1,000 times the stake.

You can win 10 to 15 free spins with the help of Trident scatter symbols, which must appear on 4 to 6 reels at the same time. What sets these apart is that the free spins feature only high-value symbols, making it much easier to form profitable combinations.

3. Theme and Design

The Fortune of Neptune Megaways features both treasures and Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. The design isn’t particularly complex, but it appealed to me for some reason. 

It has a retro vibe to it, and it reminds me of Jules Verne’s novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Of course, this has nothing to do with that book. It makes heavy use of dark blue colors, but it works out beautifully. At the top, there are five treasure chests visible.

The game would have been much better if Royals were not used as low-value icons (10 to A), as they tend to occupy the majority of the positions. 

Neptune, Kraken, Turtles, Shells, and Starfish are among the better-looking symbols, which include a Trident scatter, a Pearl Wild, and high-value positions with Neptune, Turtles, Shells, Kraken, and Starfish.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion of our Neptunes Fortune Megaways review, the game offers a unique gaming experience, and we particularly enjoyed the game’s design. Try another game at daftar togel site.

Although the number of possible ways to win varies, you’re guaranteed at least three symbols per reel, while others offer two or more, so we’d say it all balances out. 

What we didn’t enjoy as much was the difficulty in getting to the main features, as both the free spins and the bonus game only appear once every 300 or so paid spins.

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