Home games Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot: Join The Alien Invasion!

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot: Join The Alien Invasion!

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot: Join The Alien Invasion!
Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot

Don’t lose your money by playing the real game directly! Read first this Space Wars 2 Powerpoints slot review so that you can maximize your in-game chances!

NetEnt’s Space Wars 2 Powerpoints slot machine is a desktop and mobile game with a colourful galaxy of aliens on a 6×6 symbol grid. Winning clusters start cascades and produce Powerpoints, which increase win multipliers.

Symbols can erupt over whole rows or columns, and with large enough clusters, all instances of a symbol can dissolve. Bombs demolish symbols, and unique modifier combinations can also aid to create Powerpoints, while a free spins bonus round takes place on a larger grid.

A high level of volatility is combined with 96.05 per cent average returns. Play the Space Wars 2 Powerpoints slot machine and you might win up to 10,020x your investment.

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Machine Gameplay

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot
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Among the colourful icons are grinning 3-eyed green aliens, angry-looking orange beings, and ETs with attitude. Each of the five characters has a charming cartoon design and motions, and they appear alongside planets and a priceless red crystal. The sci-fi visuals are floating in deep space, surrounded by planets, asteroids, and galaxies.

A row of multipliers is suspended above the reels by rockets. This is the Powerpoint meter, and we’ll look at how it works in the following section.

The music is a frenetic combination of beeps, laser bursts, and electronic effects that complement the out-of-this-world aesthetic. Explore this vibrant environment on PCs, iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices to discover the same visuals, settings, and gameplay.

You can swiftly and simply release the alien lifeforms. Tap the coin pile on the control panel, then select a wager range of 0.10 to 100.00 per spin on any of our recommended Betting Sites. In some gaming countries, you may purchase into the free spins feature for up to 250x the wager. Where local regulations allow, autoplay and fast-spin options are also available.

This is a complicated game with many elements, so read the paytable (accessed via the ‘I’ button) to understand how everything works. Clusters of matching symbols pay off in Space Wars 2 Powerpoints slot game. When eight or more red crystals land together, you can win up to 240x your bet. Get your luck in situs togel deposit pulsa tanpa potongan.

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Features

You win if you get at least three of the same type in horizontal or vertical lines. Any win rewards Powerpoints, which are multipliers that accumulate in the meter above the reels as you progress through the stages towards bonuses. All winning symbols go and are replaced by cascades of those above, which contribute to the Powerpoint meter and can activate a variety of bonus features.

One of the symbols from a three-of-a-kind victory is replaced with a wild, which can substitute for other symbols to help produce another win. These increase the Powerpoint level by up to 25x.

Wins from four matching symbols activate the Blaster feature, which clears entire columns or rows, although wilds and bonus symbols are unaffected. When 5 symbols are part of a winning combination, a Zapper function eliminates 1 to 4 symbol kinds from the grid, while 6-of-a-kind victories remove 3 or 4 types.

If the Blaster or Zapper features trigger next to each other, with or without a Bomb sign, special Combos are triggered. All but wilds and feature symbols are removed by Blasters and Bombs from three rows or columns. Zappers and Bombs transform up to three different symbol kinds into Bombs, which then explode. Zappers placed next to Blasters change up to three different symbol kinds into Blasters.

All of these features add to your Powerpoints total, and if you reach 1,000, you earn at least 8 free spins on an extended 8×8 grid, with additional spins added if you have more than 1,000 Powerpoints. The different modifiers, including wild multipliers worth up to 25x, are still active, and you may prolong the free games even further if you collect enough Powerpoints during the round.

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Maximum Wins, RTP, & Volatility

At the maximum bet, the 10,020x maximum win amounts to 1,002,000.00. The Space Wars 2 Powerpoints slot machine is very volatile, with a long-term payback rate of 96.05 per cent.

Our Conclusion On The Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Machine

This is a fun, fast-paced action game with a colourful concept. The multiple elements may be too difficult for beginner players, but for the rest of us, it’s a thrilling trip. Among the outstanding features are cascading symbols, bursting rows and columns, wild replacements, and free spins.

Thank you for reading this Space Wars 2 Powerpoints slot review. Best wishes!

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